2019 Geosynthetics Conference Proceedings

The Geosynthetics 2019 Conference was held February 10-13, in Houston, TX. The conference was organized by the Industrial Fabrics Association International and supported by the Geosynthetics Materials Association, the North American chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society and under the auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society.

The conference proceedings consist of 110 technical papers that were presented in 21 technical sessions during the 3-day conference. These papers represent the forefront of geosynthetics in research, engineering applications, and testing to advance the durability and protection of our infrastructure. Paper topics include a variety of aspects: environmental lining systems, geocells, geofoam, geosynthetic clay liners, geotextile tubes, management of bio and other gases, material testing, reinforced soil walls, slopes, abutments and foundations, river and coastal protection, roadway and pavements, synthetic turf, water storage and management, and other special topics and case histories. Each paper was peer-reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers.
The Technical Co-Chairs sincerely appreciate and thank the Conference Organizing committee, Technical Program committee, authors, session chairs, and reviewers who contributed their valuable time and effort, resulting in the production of these proceedings.

In addition to the technical sessions, the conference program included 3 plenary sessions, 4 panel discussions, 4 round-table discussions, and the inaugural Koerner Lecture, all of which focused on a variety of leading topics on geosynthetics engineering and education.

The Technical Co-Chairs also thank the efforts of these other contributors, the Koerner Lecturer, plenary speakers, panel and round-table discussion chairs, and IFAI members for organizing and contributing to the outreach and interaction on important topics within the geosynthetics community.

Lastly, Technical Co-Chairs thank Ms. Barbara J. Connett, and Ms. Megan M. Firl of IFAI for their experience and commitment in planning and organizing a successful conference. This conference would not have been possible without their dedication and guidance.

Michael T. Adams
Phillip S.K. Ooi, Ph.D., P.E.
Co-Chairs, Technical Program Committee